What is the difference between portrait and landscape orientation?

Most of the time people choose a landscape orientation for their sign, but in certain circumstances a portrait orientation might by preferable. For example if you only have a single number to go on a number block, we will be able to make that number much larger and therefore easier to read if you choose a portrait orientation.

Equally, in circumstances where you have a lengthy house name, choosing a portrait orientation would mean that we would have to reduce the size of the text and it might be more difficult to read.

We are always very happy to give advice by email or telephone (020 7183 1463) and will provide you with a proof before your sign is made, so there's no need to worry. Just tell us what you would like and if it is possible for us to make it for you we will do so.

If we think the sign might look better if we make some changes to the design we will tell you that you so you'll have the benefit of our experience but the final approval will always be yours. 

Graphic to explain the difference between landscape and portrait orientation